Natural Dill Seed Oil

Colourless to pale yellow coloured fluid liquid, odour pleasant and characteristic.


Product Type Oil
Packaging Aluminium bottle, HDPE Drums, GI drums
Packaging size 25 kg, 180 kg, 200 kg
Testing Protocol BP
Storage In well fitted container in cool and dark place

Additional Information

Product Code SC143

Physio-Chemical Properties

  Standard Result
Optical Rotation +70° to +80° 72.1°
Refractive Index 1.481 to 1.492 1.485

Soluble, at 20°, in 1 volume or more of ethanol (90%) and in 10 volumes or more of ethanol (80%)

Weight per ml 0.895 to 0.910 0.904
Assay By GC 43 to 63% Carvone Contents 45.3%