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Menthol Crystals

SILVERLINE CHEMICALS is among the most reliable Menthol crystals USP and Menthol crystals BP Manufacturers & Exporters, based in India. Our Products are used in multiple industries from Food & Beverages to Pharmaceuticals. We provide Menthol crystals at the most pocket-friendly price.

Menthol crystals are made by the fractional distillation of menthol oil. The distilled oil yields pure menthol as a fraction that is gradually cooled and crystallized. It is manufactured by extraction of menthol from menthol oil. The oil is chilled to a temperature of -40°C to separate the menthol, which is later crystallized by slow cooling. These crystals are available in the following two grades and confirm to IP/BP/USP/JP/ FCC-III standards. Being an established Menthol Crystal Manufacturer, we take it as a responsibility that our good are well-packed and delivered promptly.

Specification of Menthol

Other Name 1-Methyl-4-Isopropyl Cyclohexane 3
Molecular Weight 156.27
Description Colourless Crystals with a Refreshing Mint Color
Solubility Very Suitable in Alcohol and Slightly in Water
Taste Cool Sensation in Mouth
Acidity Neutral to Litmus Solution
SC - Silverline Chemicals JP - Japanees Pharma
USP - United State Pharma Food Codex
BP - British Pharma IP - Indian Pharma

Analysis of Menthol

Melting Point(00) 42 - 44 41 - 44 41 - 44 42 - 44 42 - 44 41 - 44
Optical Rotation -49*-50* -49*-50* -49*-50* -49*-51* -49*-50* -49*-50*
Non Volatile Matter 0.05% 0.05% 0.05% 0.05% 0.05% 0.05%
Menthol (Not Less Than) 99.70% 97.00% Not Specified 98.0% Not Specified Not Specified