Silverline Chemicals Ltd

Cumin Seed Oleoresin

Silverline chemicals, is one of the largest manufacturers & exporters  of Cumin Seed Oleoresin  in India. Silverline’s facility is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000 , HACCP, GMP , Organic , Kosher, HALAL certified company. It also meets IP, BP, NF and USP grade specifications. Strict quality standards are maintained through in-house fully equipped QC & QA lab along with separate microbiology laboratory, equipped with latest HPLC machines.

Cumin is a flowering plant that hails from the family of Apiaceae. Its seeds (each one contained within a fruit that’s dried) are used in a variety of cuisines. Cumin Oleoresin is obtained by the solvent extraction of crushed, dried, ripe cumin seeds (Cuminum cyminum). The product has the characteristic aroma of cumin, with a bitter undernote. It is a free-flowing,  golden/greenish-brown liquid.

Uses : The volatile oil content It is a brownish, free-flowing liquid with the aroma characteristic of cumin. It is an ingredient in most curry powders, many savoury spice mixtures, and is used to make various beverages. It is used as a diuretic, carminative, and antispasmodic.


Grades Available 05% to 71% Water Soluble / Oil soluble
Product Name Cumin Oleoresin
Botanical Name Cuminum cyminum
Spec Range VOC: 05 -71 %
Format Liquid
Solubility Water / Oil Soluble
VOC %(ml/100g) Volatile Oil Content